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Battery Kings

What Types Of Batteries Can Be Reconditioned

January 18 2017 , Written by Battery Repair Kings

Most of the questions and topics we cover at Battery repair kings is related to Car batteries. Lead acid 12v batteries. This is mainly because most often this is the type of battery that most people want to recondition. But that said it's not the only type of battery you can recondition.

In fact you'd be surprised that you can recondition pretty much any common type of battery providing its rechargeable. I'm talking NiCad, NiMH, Lithium Ion batteries in many sizes from AAA to D and even the larger. Its actually becoming quite common for businesses to recondition their forklift truck batteries and deep cycle gold cart batteries. Because the truth is its not that difficult to do. And it saves them a ton of money.

Battery packs from your favourite power tools can also be reconditioned, Ever had a battery pack that just fails to hold a charge or wont even charge at all. Well by using the correct battery reconditioning method you could bring that battery pack back into action. Imagine just being able to recondition these battery packs instead of paying out over 70 bucks to replace them. reconditoned batteries

A lot of the time batteries going dead can be avoided and that's one thing we will cover here at battery repair kings in time, But its important that you know that just because a battery has become useless does not mean you cannot save it. Generally most batteries that are tossed out by people can be reconditioned and back to 100% working condition if only the person throwing them out knew how to do battery reconditioning. Best thing is even if you know little about batteries you can still recondition them.

So with that said keep your eyes peeled to Battery Repair Kings because in the coming weeks we are going to be showing you guys how you can recondition your batteries. Batteries you've gave up on that are simply lying around the house.


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